Product Management

7 Pennies has extensive expertise in product management and can help you in all aspects relating to this;
  • Produce convincing product roadmaps as well as value proposition presentations
  • Introduce new products/services from concept, to development, to market introduction
  • Write product specifications, brochures, application notes, and manuals
  • Product life cycle management (i.e. when/how to smoothly phase out older products…)
  • Price setting taking into account market elasticity, competition, cost price and overhead calculations
  • Project management in case a new product needs to be developed

7 Pennies can either support you by providing consulting advice and/or as an interim product/project manager, in case you are (temporarily) short of the right person for the job.

7 Pennies has managed large project teams and is characterized by being a team player, creating consensus, planning methodically, timely resolving of any issues, and superior execution.