Everybody wants to GROW their company but achieving this may wel require help

▶  Either you want to expand in a new continent and need a local stronghold in the form of a part time direct sales force.

▶  Or you want to grow through a new product offering and need a part-time business developer who can help to develop a plan and implement it.

▶  In these situations, 7 Pennies can be your partner and help.


7 Pennies can help you with a number of a la carte services such as a market investigation, a sales strategy, or a business plan.


Part-time Business Developer

An ideal way to support your company’s growth strategy on an ongoing basis is as your part-time business developer.


Contact 7 Pennies

7 Pennies is located in the US, Europe, and Asia. Please contact us for a free of charge strategy assessment


Upcoming Events:

  • March 23-26, 2015, OFC/NFOEC Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Registration now open for the 2nd Workshop on Photonics Integration at OFC, Los Angeles, Mar 25, 2015
  • March 2-5, 2015, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain

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