7 Pennies Consulting has extensive experience in the following areas:
  • Defining strategy, product roadmaps, business plans, and value propositions to create growth.
  • Introducing new product or services, by getting it right from the start, finding lead customers, and subsequently rolling it out to a larger market.
  • Managing large project teams to get products developed on time and within budget.
  • Product management, such as specifications, life cycle management, qualification, and pricing.
  • Organizing marketing campaigns (websites, press, shows, brochures, sales collateral, etc).
  • Direct sales including structuring complex deals, price negotiations, and account management.
  • Setting up world-wide sales channels including contracting representatives and distributors.
  • Merger and acquisitions, such a raising capital and selling or merging companies.
  • Operation, outsourcing, and quality in order to ensure products meet customer demand.
  • Startup companies as well as large corporations, American, European, as well as Asian.