About Us

7 Pennies is a consulting firm with its main location in Princeton NJ that provides marketing and business development support for small and medium size businesses.

Services range from business plans and growth strategy to implementing the strategy through new product introduction, marketing campaigns, sales pitches, impact making collateral, sales channel creation, etc.

This can be the ideal solution for startups as well as small and medium size businesses that simply do not have their own fully staffed marketing and business development teams.

Please note that while there are companies offering specific targeted marketing services, they mostly rely on you telling them what to do, for which you may not have the time nor experience.

7 Pennies is different in the sense that it effectively is your own (part time) marketing department that can help you on both the strategy as well as all aspects of the implementation.

While 7 Pennies can provide a la carte services to you, the ideal way to support you is as your ‘part time marketing director’, which is more cost effective than hiring full time personnel.

So while you may need all your energy for the day to day running of your business, why not have an effective solution in place for how to grow your business and organize your marketing so as to attract more customers?

For more information on 7 Pennies’ offering, please read the services section.

For more ‘about us’ information, please read the respective sections on areas of team, expertise, style of working, and the name 7 Pennies.