Technology Consult

7 Pennies can provide detailed technical consulting advice in the following high-tech areas:
  • optics (lasers, detectors, passive optical components, amplifiers, transceiver modules)
  • electronics (high-speed, microwave)
  • fiber optic communication
  • telecommunication, CATV, and data communication
  • display technology (LCD, organic LED, electrophoretic (such as EInk), drivers)
  • semiconductor technology and wafer fabs

The technology consulting advice can be beneficial in the following cases:
  • whenever input is sought for product development plans
  • as expert witness in case of litigation on patents and intellectual property
  • for business plan validation in case of finance rounds

7 Pennies has extensive expertise in high-tech R&D and product development as evidenced by a substantial number of scientific papers and patents in the above technology areas.