Sales Pitch & Collateral

You know it when you see a perfect sales pitch, but making one can prove awfully hard. Finding the right tone between pitching aggressively yet not overdoing it, being assertive about your offering’s benefits yet ensuring it is based on facts relevant to the customer, answering all the customer’s questions yet not being overly long, making certain there is good storyline, and, at the end of the presentation, ensuring that you talk shop so you can achieve your goals.

7 Pennies can help you perfect your current sales presentation or create one for you from scratch. 7 Pennies has not only made dozens of convincing sales presentations, but has also been in hundreds of customer meetings, and thus intimately understands what works and what does not…

Simply mail 7 Pennies your current sales presentation (in whatever state) plus any additional comments and relevant material. After a conference call where you can detail your objectives, 7 Pennies will revise the sales pitch and perfect it for you. Turn-around time can be very quick, so you can have it in time for your upcoming customer meeting.

Similar to sales pitches, 7 Pennies can also help you create perfect collateral, such as product specifications, company or product brochures, flyers, and application notes, that will be detailed, convincing, informative, as well as good looking.