Sales Channels

Whenever going after new markets, 7 Pennies can help you define and set up new sales channels, such as (manufacturer’s) representatives, resellers, or distributors.

Sales channels, as a complement to your direct sales force, may provide great benefits
  • by increasing your coverage beyond what a direct sales force may be able to cover,
  • by having established relations to customers where it might take you years to build this up,
  • by speaking the language and facilitating import (customs, tax) in case of other countries,
  • by reducing the cost of your sales force.

However, setting up a good network of sales channels can be time consuming for which you simply may not have the bandwidth. For example, one has to make a list of candidates in all territories, conduct face to face visits, ensure excellent relations exist to key customers, ensure there are no competitive issues, negotiate commissions and contracts, and provide initial training.

7 Pennies knows all the ins and outs of this process from experience, is located in the US, Europe, and Asia, and is the perfect partner to help you in case you do not have the bandwidth for this.

Please note that while 7 Pennies will do all the groundwork in order to get your sales channels up & running quickly and smoothly, you will, throughout, stay in full control over the entire process.