Growth Strategy

The most critical part for any company is a clear sense of where to go next. While this is often stated, it is not always clear how to derive such a path or growth strategy.

7 Pennies can work with you in order to develop such a growth strategy. In addition to strong analytic skills as well as solid business experience, 7 Pennies has a strong ability to listen and understand where you come from, since the strategy must, after all, be true to your core competences.

Based on a number of brainstorm sessions as well as detailed research, that touch on all elements of strategy (such as market, competitor, and SWOT analysis), a growth strategy is derived that will be right for your company.

The end product is a high-level growth strategy plus detailed action plan (typically in powerpoint) that details the direction plus required actions for your company to get on a solid growth trajectory.

Key elements of the plan will be:
  • to offer new products or services that address a growing market demand
  • to be differentiated from the competition so that you have an edge
  • to ensure your strategy fits your unique company background and capabilities
  • to ensure the action plan is practical and feasible