Business Cases

A business case may be needed in a situation where you have an ongoing business and are presented with one (or more) unique opportunities such as an attractive customer request in an adjacent market, new markets opening up (e.g. as a result of new technologies), or a unique opportunity to acquire another company.

In the business case, all strategic elements which will be touched on (such as market size, competition, entry barriers, financials, and operations) and all pros and cons will be presented on the basis of which your company and its management team can make an informed decision about the best course of action.

Business plans

A detailed business plan is required when your company wants to raise capital in order to enable or accelerate its growth strategy beyond what is possible through organic growth.

In addition to a detailed company growth strategy, the business plan will address the following:
  • a detailed 3 to 5 year financial projection including P/L, cash flow, and balance sheets
  • ownership structure, corporate governance, and exit strategy
  • management team and key personnel
  • a detailed operational plan (hiring, production, supply chain)
  • risk analysis (what if scenarios with respect to market, finances, etc)

The end product is a detailed business plan (20 to some 50 pages in ms-word), a 10 to 20 page investor pitch presentation, plus a term sheet proposal.

7 Pennies has prepared dozen of business cases that stand out due a unique combination of deep technical knowledge, a great ability to foresee market direction, as well as sound economics.