Startup Workshop

7 Pennies has been organizing workshops on startups and entrepreneurship. These workshops typically take place at a large conference such as OFC or ECOC. The prime goal of the workshop is to provide valuable tips and suggestions on starting a company or developing a new business. The workshops do this by featuring a number of seasoned entrepreneurs who tell their story and share key insights and lessons learned. Given that starting a business is an exciting, but also challenging process that is mostly learned in practice, the workshops provide a unique opportunity to listen to a group of people who have been there and are willing to open up and share their personal insights.

2015 - OFC Conference (Los Angeles, California, USA)


Dr Andrew Rickman, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Rockley Photonics, Inc.

Ed Coringrato, Jr , Business Consultant and Board Member

Richard Bergstrom on behalf of Raj Kapany, Board/Advisor/Investor, Valdor and Luxar

Alex Behfar, SVP and GM, Photonic Solutions Business Unit, M/A‐COM

Loi Nguyen, PhD, Co‐Founder & Vice President Optical Interconnect, Inphi Corporation

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2014 - OFC/NFOEC Conference (San Francisco, California, USA)


Bardia Pezeshki, President and Chief Executive Officer, Kaiam Corp.

Tom Collins, Chief Technology Office, Caliopa

Peter De Dobbelaere, VP Engineering, Luxtera Inc.

Ashish Vengsarkar, Chief Executive Officer, Nistica

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2013 – OFC/NFOEC Conference (Anaheim, California, USA)


Michael Hatfield, President, Cyan

Stan Lumish, Chairman and CEO, Pilot Photonics Ltd.

Eric A. Swanson, Chairman, Acacia Communications Incorporated

Valery Tolstikhin, Founder & CTO, OneChip Photonics Inc.

James Lowrie on behalf of Ian Jenks, Chief Executive Officer, Intune Networks Ltd.

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2012 – OFC/NFOEC Conference (Los Angeles, California, USA)


Terry Unter, President & GM, Optical Networks Solutions BU, Oclaro

Mani Ramachandran, CEO and Co-Founder, InnoTrans Communications

Alka Swanson, CEO, COGO Optronics

Y.K. Park, CEO, OE Solutions

David Welch, Founder, Executive VP, Chief Strategy Officer, Infinera

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2011 – OFC/NFOEC Conference (Los Angeles, California, USA)


Simon Poole, Director New Business Ventures, Finisar Australia

Salam El‐Ahmadi, Founder & CTO, Menara Networks

Milton Chang, Managing Director, Incubic

Yves LeMaitre, Executive VP of Strategy and Corporate Development, Oclaro

Andreas Umbach, CEO, u²t Photonics AG

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2003 – ECOC-IOOC Conference (Rimini, Italy)


Richard Caro (RHK, USA)

Daniel Trepanier (Quake Technologies, Canada)

Moti Margalit (Lambda Crossing, Israel)

Mario Tamburrini (TelCon Srl, Italy)

Orna Berry (Gemini Israel Funds Ltd, Israel)

Giuliano Piccinno (Bright Solutions, Italy)

John Marsh (Intense Photonics Ltd, UK)

Alessandro Nocivelli (Luceat, Italy)

Phil Antony (Storm Venture, USA)

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2002 – ECOC Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark)


Johan van der Linden (EPO, The Netherlands)

John Marsh (Intense Photonics Ltd, UK)

Michael Kjaer (Crystal Fibre A/S, Denmark)

Wouter Deelman (ThreeFive Photonics B.V., The Netherlands)

Patrik Evaldsson (Optillion AB, Sweden)

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2001 – ECOC Conference (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Milton Chang (New Focus and Incubic)

Winfried Horsthuis (Manotick Technology)

Stuart Barnes (Ilotron)

Antoine Kevorkian (Teem Photonics)

Björn Broberg (ADC/Altitun)

Claes Rickeby (Rickeby Consulting)

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